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Class XI 

Admission Procedure:

 Admission to Class XI in Non Medical, Medical, Commerce and Humanities Streams is as per the Centralized Admission Procedure of the Education Department, Chandigarh Administration. Advertisement for sale of prospectus is generally published in English and Hindi local newspapers in the first week of June. For more details, refer to




1. No tuition fee is charged from girls students of both Model and Non-Medal Schools.

2. SC/ST boys are also exempted from tuition fee.

3. Half of the funds will be charged from SC/ST girls and boys.

4. Students are supposed to pay fee and funds at the rates prescribed by the Department

Of Education, Chandigarh Administration from time to time.

5. Normal Fees and Funds are as follows:


(A)  FEE 

1 Admission Fee (At the time of first admission to the school at the Sr.Sec.Stage) Rs. 25/-
2 Re-Admission Fee Rs.17/-
3 Late S.L.C Fee Rs. 1/-
4 Tuition Fee (per month) Rs. 50/-




(Funds mentioned below are for one month only. Six months funds to be deposited twice a year i.e in July and October)


1 Amalgamated Fund Rs. 17/-
2 Chemistry Lab Maintenance Fund Rs. 15/-
3 Physics Lab Maintenance Fund Rs. 15/-
4 Biology Lab Maintenance Fund February-27
5 Music, Dance, Home Science, Fine ArtsGeography, Psychology, Computer Science Rs. 15/-
6 Audio Visual Fund Rs. 3/-
7 Red Cross Fund Rs. 3/-
8 Health Fund Rs. 3/-
9 Cycle Fund Rs. 3/-
10 Scooter/Moped Fund Rs.7/-
11 Work Experience Fund/General Foundation Rs.7/-
12 Child Welfare Fund Rs. 7/-
13 I.T.Fund Rs.25/-(Model School)


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