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Goverment Model Senior Secondary School, Sector-16 D, Chandigarh
Strive to Rise

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Admission Process

Admission to Class IX and X is test based subject to availability of seat. The test would be conducted in the subjects of English, Science, Maths and Social Science. The Academic Session starts from Ist April and lasts till 3rd week of February.

Fee Structure for Class IX & X


Annual Dues

1 Admission Fees 12
2 Excursion 62
3 Magazine 50
4 Building 15
5 Sports 25


Monthly Dues

1 Tution Fees 37
2 Stationery Fund 20
3 Amalgamated Fund 25
4 Health Fund 6
5 Audio Visual Fund 6
6 Red Cross Fund 7
7 Child Welfare Fund 7
8 Science Fund 7
9 Work Experience Fund 10
10 Cycle Fund 2
11 I.T. Fund 25


Important Notes:-

  1. No Tution fee from Girls.
  2. No Tution Fee from SC Boys.
  3. All funds (Monthly & Annual) half from SC (Boys & Girls).
  4. No tuition fee  for OBC – Boy, ex-servicemen, widow ward, Physically handicapped student whose parental income is less than 1.5 Lacs (Annual)
  5. Advantage is to be given only if all certificates are there.


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